Welcome to Feisty Brood Meadery. We are a small, family owned winery in Ohio specializing in high quality mead (honey wine). With eight varieties, you're sure to discover a favorite!

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Feisty Meads

Feisty Mead – Citrus Inspiration (Dry) – Gold at the 2018 Mazer Cup! Straw/light yellow color, citrus aroma, Pleasant first tasting impression with a slight hint of sweetness and a smooth transition to a clean dry finish. The balance of acid, alcohol and citrus is pleasant and there is no hint of off flavors in either aroma, flavor, or aftertaste. A pleasant drink that leaves an impression of a well aged mead. Best served with mild fish or chicken dish.

Feisty Mead – Orange Blossom Semi-Sweet Mead - The semi-sweet mead is a blend of the dry and sweet mead to give a great all around beverage. It has a nice citrus/orange blossom nose, a dry center taste, and a sweet/tart finish – with a little lingering sweetness. This is the sweetness that the vintner would generally select as his go-to mead for any occasion.

Feisty Mead – Citrus Temptation Sweet Mead - Sweet and fruity aroma without being cloying. It has traces of orange blossom, tangerines and lemon. Acid balance is just enough to cut through the sweetness without being over bearing. A very flavorful mead with a terrific full bodied taste and finish. Could be sipped with a meal, with desserts or as an after dinner aperitif.

Feisty Mead – Spiced Sensation Mead - Cinnamon aroma with a trace of ginger and nutmeg. This mead transforms in your mouth and is a wonderful sensory experience as it hits all the right notes, sweet, spiced, and a clean finish with a hint of raisins and vanilla. A fine example of spiced mead. The spice is well balanced and not overpowering so that the base mead carries through. The semi-sweet character would best suit other flavorful dishes such as strudels, pumpkin pie or served warm as a hot toddy-like evening drink.

Feisty Bee – Blood Orange Libation Mead - Mead with blood orange puree Blood orange flavor goes quite well with orange blossom honey mead. We have added enough blood orange puree to give a good nose and flavor, without overpowering the underlying qualities of the orange blossom mead. The flavor starts out with an orangey and raspberry flavor coupled with a citrus bite. This carries through to the end taste leaving a lingering orange and citrus after taste. This is a terrific sipping drink and would be great with key lime pie or vanilla ice cream.

Feisty Bee - Coffee Adoration Mead - Mead with coffee beans added. We have added 12 coffee beans from the local Rising Star Coffee Roasters to each bottle of sweet orange blossom mead. The resulting mead retains the light, straw yellow color but now features a pleasing coffee aroma. The first taste is of coffee with a background sweetness of orange blossom honey. The coffee and honey flavors continue to the finish with a coffee and slightly sweet, long finish. Although nice as an after dinner drink, it would nicely complement moderately strong dishes like burgers or pulled pork.

Feisty Bee - Zen Orange Blossom Mead - Orange blossom honey was added to California zinfandel grape juice and fermented into a grape juice/honey mead known as a Pyment. The nose has a strong zin character with a background of orange. The flavor is a terrific blend of orange blossom honey wine with the tannins and flavor of a good zin. It has a sweet/tart finish, with lingering zin and orange flavors. Some of us didn’t want to sell this – keeping it all for our own consumption. A great sipping beverage and would complement medium to strongly flavored dishes. An enlightened drink for meditation.

Feisty Bee - Buckwheat Mead - Our Buckwheat mead is made from buckwheat blossom honey. Amber color with a complex aroma. We crafted this drink to be on the sweet side and to have a well balanced earthy flavor.